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Hi, I'm Dr. Centz and I exclusively play on the Google Stadia Gaming Platform. There's a lot of propaganda on Stadia out there. And thats exactly what it is, "Propaganda". Basically these no name media sites are using the hate train as clickbait to try and grow their media channels. Every time they get a chance they toast Stadia as its the smaller fish being a relatively new startup. In the beginning their propaganda campaigns on social media worked. And of course it fueled them into more and more attempts. But the Stadia Community is solid, and the true supporters caught on. Now these lame media outlets are cracking up, getting the backlash they deserve and the power of Stadia will shine through. No doubt about it my gaming friends, Stadia is going nowhere, its too powerful and too cool.

Here on my site, I represent what Stadia is all about. The best tech in Cloud Gaming, offering a low level cost into high tech gaming with devices you already own. Old laptop? Fine, Computer not powerful enough, no worry. Just a solid internet connection and your good to go.

I post first look videos on new games coming to the platform, on how they look, feel, and play. I'm no professional video editor and don't care to be, but if you want to see what is what as is, with a solid overview, bookmark the site and subscribe to my Youtube channel. I won't let you down.

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Robots with Guns
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Game Designer
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